helping startup companies put the pieces together
with special discounts to help get you up and running

have a new idea that’s going to change the world? the first step is often creating a brand that is equally as exciting – that’s where we come in.

we’ve created a brand & identity creation package just for startups, it includes logo design, business card design, letterhead and envelope design as well as a social media header – everything you need to get the ball rolling. starting from just £799.
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how we work

brand identity

initial consultation

it starts with an initial consultation to discuss your new brand and exactly what you’re trying to achieve.

logo design

our creatives will put their ideas down on paper and present you with five different designs for you to choose from, you’ll provide your feedback then we’ll develop the logo until you think it’s perfect. 

business card design

once your logo is signed off, we’ll start working on your new business cards, creating a design we feel compliments the logo and your brand.

letterhead and envelope design

a professional letterhead goes a long way. make sure your posted material catches the eye with a stunning design, which we start working on after your business card is signed off.

social media header design

last but not least, we’ll create a social media header that you can upload to your new social media channels.

let’s create something unforgettable…

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frequently asked questions

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how long does it take?

we’ll get the first revision of the logo over to you within seven working days, from here the timeline will depend on how many revisions you might have.

typically, once the logo is signed off, it takes another four to five working days to complete the brand identity pack.

what if i don't like it?

we’ll work with you to try and create something you’re really proud of, if you’re not, we’ll give you your money back.

i don't need a logo but the rest sounds good

that’s fine, we’ll adjust our prices accordingly to what you might not need.

how flexible are you on pricing?

we’re pretty flexible, we have different packages for different budgets and we can offer sensible payment terms over three or six months.

what about website design?

we can certainly help with your new website. 

we offer special discounts to startups on their websites, but before we can give you a price, we need to know a little bit more information on exactly what you’re looking for. 

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can you help with anything else?

sure! we have a variety of other graphic design services, online advertising and website services.

we also offer… 

our core services

website design

our sites are designed with user experience in mind, making the online experience as pleasant as possible for your customers. they also look pretty good.

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graphic design

whether you're looking for brand creation, brochures, shop front design, or anything in-between, we have a team of graphic designers who are able to bring your brand to life.

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search engine optimisation

our search engine optimisation services will help your website rank higher for the keywords that your customers are searching for - it's as simple as that.

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online advertising

paid online advertising is a great way to get attract new business. our ads specialists will help establish your online sales funnel with landing pages and customer touchpoints.

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contact information

come and say hello

although we're a london based agency, we also have key members of staff based in bedfordshire and bristol. we're always up for a cup of coffee or a quick bite to eat and if that doesn't work, there's always zoom!

let's get the ball rolling, schedule a meeting.
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