stop missing out on new customers through poor search engine visibility, make it easier for customers to find you by improving your search engine rankings

search engine optimisation (seo) is one of the most important aspects of any marketing plan. your potential customers aren’t going to wade through hundreds of search results for their relevant keyword. if you’re not within the first couple of search results, you’re missing out on new customers.
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search engine optimisation

it starts with an initial seo and website report, which is completely free of charge. the report will highlight areas of your website that could be improved, such as your site speed. the report will also highlight potential keywords that you might be interested in targeting, alternatively, you can provide us with your own list of keywords and the report will show where you’re currently ranking. 

so you have your report and you’re ready to invest in a seo campaign, what’s next? our seo specialists will set out a 90-day plan to help increase your rank and improve your web traffic – creating the opportunity for you to win more work. we will require access to your website, google analytics, google my business and a couple of other things that will be detailed via email with a confirmation of your start date. 

you should expect to see your rankings slowly increase within three months but this will depend on how competitive the keywords we’re targeting are. every month, you will receive a monthly report detailing the work we have carried out as well as rankings report to see how your keywords are performing. 

seo is a long-term marketing strategy and it can take up to a year to see results. for more immediate, short-term wins, we’d recommend an online advertising campaign such as google ads or social media ads. 

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frequently asked questions

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how much does an seo campaign cost?

this completely depends on how many keywords you wish to target and how competitive those keywords are.

our 15 keyword packages start from £550 per month. 

is content creation included within my seo campaign?

it’s up to you! we offer content creation as part of our seo packages but if you would prefer to write the content yourself, that’s no problem at all! we offer content recommendations so you know what kind of content will be best for your campaign. 

how long until i start to see results?

we aim to see some positive movement within the first three months of a seo campaign, but this does depend on how competitive your keywords are.

at around the six to nine-month mark, you should have seen a noticeable improvement in your rankings and your website traffic.

seo is a long-term strategy to improve website traffic. for a shorter-term win, we recommend looking at online advertising through google and social media. 

am i able to change my keywords mid campaign?

of course! you’re more than welcome to change keywords as often as you like. we recommend waiting at least three months before you start to think of changing words. 

it’s worth bearing in mind that once a new keyword is chosen, it could take up to three months before you see an improvement in your rankings. 

will i be tied into a long term contract?

absolutely not. we operate on a pay and go system. if for whatever reason you would like to stop your seo campaign, we just require thirty days’ notice.

how does seo work?

seo works through a combination of on-site and off-site tactics that help increase your search rankings. 

on-site seo tactics are anything that we can do within your own website, for example, content creation, optimising images, optimising title and meta descriptions, improving site speed and more. 

off-site seo is anything that helps improve your seo but isn’t carried out on your own website, for example, increasing your backlink profile and content creation on third-party websites.

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our core services

website design

our sites are designed with user experience in mind, making the online experience as pleasant as possible for your customers. they also look pretty good.

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graphic design

whether you're looking for brand creation, brochures, shop front design, or anything in-between, we have a team of graphic designers who are able to bring your brand to life.

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search engine optimisation

our search engine optimisation services will help your website rank higher for the keywords that your customers are searching for - it's as simple as that.

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online advertising

paid online advertising is a great way to get attract new business. our ads specialists will help establish your online sales funnel with landing pages and customer touchpoints.

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although we're a london based agency, we also have key members of staff based in bedfordshire and bristol. we're always up for a cup of coffee or a quick bite to eat and if that doesn't work, there's always zoom!

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